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Family owned and operated since 1983 with over 45 years of HVAC experience

Family owned and operated since 1983, Eure Heating and Cooling strives to build relationships by providing excellent customer service and unparalleled product services and maintenance. We can custom designed systems for residential and commercial alike. Eure Heating and Cooling can handle any job large or small. Located in the Southern Suffolk area serving areas such as Franklin , Sedly, Courtland , Suffolk ,Windsor , Zuni , Smithfield. 
Specializing in geothermal heat pumps , air-to-air heat pumps , A/C, dual fuel, gas packs and zoning.  


How to Hire the Right Contractor for Your Needs.

Hiring the right heating and air contractor for the job.There are two important considerations when selecting a new heating and air system:

Hire a quality contractor. With central air conditioning and heating, product performance and reliability are directly tied to the contractor's ability to design and install a system compatible for your home. The lowest bid may not provide the highest quality installation.

Ask the right questions. Because heating or cooling purchases happen maybe once every 16-20 years, you may not be up to speed on new technologies or solutions available to correct common indoor problems. If you don't speak up, the contractor may assume you're not interested in lowering utility bills, saving energy, reducing hot and cold spots or improving your indoor air quality.